Specialization creates the best quality

To produce high-quality translations, you need linguistic and technical competence. Of course. To meet our own high aspirations in the way of quality, we have opted to specialize in a few selected sectors. In these fields, we have built up valuable know-how in the course of our professional activity that we can share with our clients.

Our focuses

The sectors for which we work include insurance and reinsurance, finance and health, as well as the paper, consumer goods and transport sectors. We translate documents for internal and external communications. These encompass:

  • General insurance conditions
  • Business reports
  • Company magazines and press releases
  • Image and product brochures
  • Package inserts, medical reports, clinical tests
  • Technical documentation

A further focus of our activity is the legal sector. For clients like international law offices, notary's offices, auditors and the judicial system, we translate

  • Pleadings
  • Judgments
  • Documents (certified)
  • Expertises
  • Contracts