For a deeper understanding

Doris Fels„Language only has meaning in context. Each sentence and each document are indivisibly pegged to the occasion that gave rise to them. The author's intentions, the cultural background, the expectations and previous knowledge of the reader: all of these factors play a role if a text is to be properly transferred and understood.

„For us, this means: in translating, we are transferring more than just words and information. We are conveying a deeper understanding - of cultural backgrounds, factual relationships and technical content.

„For us, it is self-evident that all the information in the source text must be reproduced correctly and objectively in the target text. But there is a lot more besides: terminology and register must fit the context. Then the target group will accept the translated material as if it were an original text.

„This remit is the basis of our business activity. It also forms the basis of our success. The proof of this is in the satisfaction of our customers, most of whom have been working with us for many years now.“

Doris Fels, Senior Consultant

  • Diploma in translation (Heidelberg University)
  • Licensed court translator